AhoyTeam workflow automation product is no longer available, but there is a new exciting chapter!

We’re building AhoyConnect, a community-focused data intelligence platform.

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your business with AhoyConnect.

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Manage daily operations across your teams - directly in Slack


Did you know that

20-30% of a manager’s time is lost every week

on repetitive manual tasks and workflows that can be fully automated


Which is why we built AhoyTeam

To automate processes for reminding, notifing and assigning to-do exactly when it matters.

Time freed up for value-added, customer-oriented work.


How does it actually work?

Build, assign and schedulerepetitive processes


How do our customers use AhoyTeam?

We individually setup each account to provide a smooth onboarding and have it ready to use in just a few minutes.

Here are few example of workflows possible to setup with AhoyTeam

Connect your Sales & Marketing
CRMs to AhoyTeam

Assign a new customer onboarding to team member right after customer sign up
Reminders to follow up with prospects after specific time frames
Start actionable workflows/checklists when new contracts are made
Notify channels when account managers close new deals
Weekly channel updates on deals lost/outstanding/won
Send to Slack results of specific campaigns
Start actionable workflow when marketing campaigns starts/ends
Assign workflows for weekly newsletter creation

Schedule repetitive workflows directly
in AhoyTeam

Remind team members to post written updates to channel each morning
Automate daily Zoom stand-ups for each team
Schedule and send quick surveys across different teams
Schedule weekly/monthy zoom calls with actionable task before and after the call
Notify HR and start workflows for new equipment and software when employee submitted a form request

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