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Weekly Newsletter process


Weekly Newsletter process

Use this template to automate your weekly newsletter workflow. From sourcing the content to reviews, approvals, visual creations and having everything ready to run by the end of week.
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Why to use this template?

  • Going beyond a checklist and making sure each step of the way is done when it should be.
  • Controlling all stakeholder responsibilities without the need for constant hand holding.

Template Structure

Slack/Email Preview

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Template steps

  1. Start of the process - sourcing content
    Monday notification to a channel or all relevant stakeholders that the process is starting for next week’s newsletter. Ask the team to add ideas for the content that they would like to include in it by simply attaching a link to a gdoc which they can contribute to.
  2. Notification after 2 days
    Set up a due date for the content sourcing and send a notification on Wednesday to remind everyone that the end of the day is the final deadline for submission.
  3. Review and finalise content
    Right after the deadline for content sourcing has passed, push the task for the manager to review and prepare the final version. 
  4. Design team visual content task
    Once the review is done, fire up a task for the design team to prepare all visuals for the newsletter content. Don’t forget to set up a due date for it!
  5. Double check if all is done
    Notification pushed to the responsible manager on Thursday to check if previous tasks were completed and everything looks good.
  6. Ready to roll
    If all tasks are completed, a final Slack message will be sent to a channel/users that everything is complete and ready for next week’s newsletter.


You can schedule this to run automatically every week (or bi-weekly/once a month), starting Monday.

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