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Weekly Happiness Survey

Human Resources

Weekly Happiness Survey

Use this template to schedule quick weekly surveys to ask your team how they are doing and what you can improve to help them work more efficiently and be as happy as possible.

How this template will make your work easier

  • You no longer need to use other survey tools like Google Forms, SurveyMonkey,... and instead can run quick AhoyTeam surveys directly in Slack. Team members do not need to leave Slack in order to respond.


Template Structure

Schedule a workflow to run weekly on a specific day of the week. (We recommend Friday)

  1. Slack message + survey
    Sending a message on Friday asking how are they doing, and including a quick survey directly in Slack for them to respond.‍
  2. Notification to manager
    Notify manager once the survey was submitted, so they can check responses quickly and act on it if needed.

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