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Slack Onboarding

Human Resources | Remote

Slack Onboarding

Use this template to ensure your team is onboarded correctly to Slack. Make sure they properly set up their profiles and know which channels to join, how to behave and what the company code of conduct is regarding communication.
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Why to use this template?

  • Onboarding to Slack culture correctly will facilitate the transition and help prevent any unwanted situations.
  • A smooth onboarding will prevent employees from having to ask questions to HR or other team members that they could already know the answers to.

Template Structure

Slack/Email Preview

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Template steps

  1. Welcome notification
    Notify your new member of the upcoming Slack onboarding.
  1. Notification on how to set up a Slack profile
    This task explains how to set up a Slack profile correctly and how to use Slack statuses effectively.
  2. Read the Slack etiquette rules task
    Once the previous task is complete, a new notification will be pushed which includes the Slack etiquette rules documentation for the new employee to read through.
  3. Notification of channels and rules to follow
    Give your employee a list of channels that they need to follow and the rules regarding those channels.
  4. Slack integrations to use
    This task recommends which integrations to set up and use.
  1. Strong emoji game notification
    This is a playful notification to let your new starter explore the emoji game for Slack.
  1. Scheduled video call
    After the first week of Slack onboarding is complete, a notification is pushed to encourage the new starter to reach out and meet someone new in the team and set up a video call.

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