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Simple weekly employee health check (COVID-19 version)

Human Resources | Remote

Simple weekly employee health check (COVID-19 version)

Use this template to run weekly check-in surveys with your employees and make sure they know where and whom to report to if there are any health issues.
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Why to use this template?

  • Educate and prevent unwanted complications by identifying problems right away.

Template Structure

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Template steps

Schedule weekly check-in surveys for you to review and act on, in order to stay connected to the team and keep an eye on what can be improved.

  1. Introductory message
    Send a quick introduction to explain the short health-check process, aimed at checking in with the team to ensure everyone is happy and healthy.
  1. Tips on keeping the workspace hygienic
    Share tips on how to stay safe and healthy at home. Include a checklist to do in case an employee is ill.
  1. First check-in survey
    Weekly check-in survey to make sure everything is going well.
  1. Review the survey submissions
    Task to review the survey answers and make sure to act on them!
  1. Second check-in survey
  2. Review second survey submissions
  3. Repeat surveys and reviews every week 

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