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Simple launch process


Simple launch process

Use this template to set up a process to launch your next feature, campaign or new product. Adjust these simple steps to involve all relevant stakeholders from different departments right when it matters and never miss a step in the process. Goodbye checklists!
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Why to use this template?

  • Going beyond a checklist and making sure each step of the way is completed when it should be.
  • Controlling all stakeholder responsibilities without the need for constant hand holding.

Template Structure

Slack/Email Preview

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Template steps

  1. Start of the process
    Notification to a channel or all relevant stakeholders for the start of the process (to launch a new feature, campaign,…).
  2. #1 Task
    Send a task to the relevant team to do their part of the process. E.g.: Task for the content team to prepare all campaign materials before the design team gets to start on the visuals.
  3. #2 Task
    Once the task above is finished, fire up a task to the design team to do the visuals.
  4. …… Add as many steps as you want for different departments ……
  5. Manager notifications
    Each task from above can have a separate notification set up for the main manager who needs to oversee the whole process, including simple notifications to mark once each step is complete.
  6. Testing
    Once all steps are done, push a message to a Slack #channel for everyone to do a final testing before going live.
  7. Ready to Launch
    Once testing is completed, the manager can receive a task to finish the whole workflow and prepare for launch.

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