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Retrospective Report


Retrospective Report

Use this template to run a retrospective report directly within Slack. Connect this workflow with Jira and schedule to send this report survey automatically when you Sprint ends.

Why to use this template?

  • By automating this process you’ll speed up the process of requesting and receiving reports from your sprints directly in Slack
  • Unified and efficient way to collect data from each team member without a need to leave Slack


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Template Structure

  1. Slack message to each team member involved in the sprint with a short survey asking them:
    - What activities shouldn't we do in the future? Please list them.
    - What activities should we continue doing? Please list them.
    - What new activities should we start doing? Just think about what would make us more productive.

  2. Slack message to the sprint-manager notifying them the reports were submitted.

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