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Remote employee offboarding / termination

Human Resources

Remote employee offboarding / termination

Use this template to ensure the process of employee termination is managed and executed correctly, as it is such a critical part in employee relation management.
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Why to use this template?

  • This offboarding process will enable you to run an efficient, compliant and respectful termination for remote employees whenever the employee has chosen to resign or is being terminated.
  • All the steps from the process are connected and you can control the whole process in a remote environment so that you can rest assured that nothing will get overlooked.

Template Structure

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Template steps

  1. First Task
  • Record termination details
  • Request a letter of resignation
  • Receive a letter of resignation
  • Inform the HR department
  • Inform relevant teams and leadership

  1. Permissions/Access Termination
  • Notify your network administrator
  • Confirm all online accounts are terminated

  1. Return Of Company Property
  • Receive returned company property
  • Document the returned items

  1. Employee Agreements
  • Review all signed agreements
  • Ensure records of all agreements are kept

  1. Final Payment
  • Issue the final paycheck

  1. Exit Interview
  • Conduct a confidential exit interview
  • Receive written permission for references
  • Update employee information

  1. Final Steps
  • Place all documents in the employee's file
  • Consider hosting a farewell party!
  • Approval: Farewell party

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