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New equipment request

Human Resources

New equipment request

Use this template to ensure there is a process set up for employees should they require new equipment. They can simply start this workflow directly from Slack.
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Why to use this template?

  • By automating this process, you can have a uniform workflow for employee requests. 
  • Prevent disruptions across various managers and their team members by setting up the process so that only the relevant people will get included in the process.

Template Structure

Slack/Email Preview

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Template steps

Anyone can start the workflow directly with a command from Slack

  1. Fill in New Equipment Request
    First Name of Requester
    Last Name of Requester
    Requester's email / Slack handle
    Location / Department
    Equipment Request Type (such as laptop, display, accessories etc.)
    Provide Business justification
  1. Process Approval Review
    Slack notification to appropriate/assigned manager to review the request
  1. Approval
    If the request is approved, notification will be sent to the requester notifying them that it has been approved and the equipment will be sent.
  2. Rejection
    If it was rejected, notification will be sent to the requester notifying them it wasn't approved.

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