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Launched content notifications to stakeholders (Airtable)


Launched content notifications to stakeholders (Airtable)

Use this template to set up a Slack team notification with dynamic content from Airtable whenever your blogpost is published. By updating the Airtable field and adding a published link, you can set up an automated workflow to Slack where the dynamic published URL will be displayed directly in Slack along with your customized message.
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Why to use this template?

  • By setting up this automation, you and our team will be notified on published content right away and you don’t need to leave Slack or continuously check in with your teammates for updates.

Template Structure

Slack/Email Preview

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Template steps

  1. Change in Airtable
    Set up an AhoyTeam Trigger to a specific change in Airtable.

  1. Published notification
    Send a Slack message to a relevant teammate/manager or a channel when that specific article is published, including a URL link and customised message you want everyone to see.

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