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Dynamic notifications for specific changes (Airtable)


Dynamic notifications for specific changes (Airtable)

Use this template to push a simple notification in Slack once something specific changes in your Airtable workspace. Go beyond basic notifications from Airtable+Slack integration and set up a very specific set of rules as to when to trigger the notification and what data to show in Slack.

How this template will make your work easier

  • Receive notifications from Airtable in Slack right away when it matters, and only on content that's relevant to your role and processes.

Template Structure

  1. Change in Airtable
    Set up an AhoyTeam Trigger to a specific change in Airtable.

  1. Notification
    Notify a relevant teammate/manager or a channel when that specific change has occurred in Airtable. Includes the ability to display content from specific fields from Airtable directly in a Slack notification.

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