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Boost social interactions in a remote setup

Human Resources | Remote

Boost social interactions in a remote setup

Use this template to help your team transition to a remote setup and maintain social interactions across team members. Run a simple workflow to teach managers how to schedule a number of basic ongoing activities, set up 1:1’s and check in on the team to gauge how efficiently the remote set up is working.
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Why to use this template?

  • By running this manager's training you can significantly help transition your teams to be remote while keeping the "team spirit" high and social interactions active. This fosters a sense of inclusivity and prevents members from feeling lonely or left out.

Template Structure

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Template steps

This includes a number of tasks managers can set up to help the team transition to the remote set up, as well as keep the team engaged.

  1. Introductory notification
    Notification to explain the transition to the remote set up and how this will be executed.
  1. Goal and expectation setting
    First actionable step to get your team onboard with the transition and share goals and expectations.
  1. Task to set up 1:1’s with team
    Set up weekly check-ins with each of your team members.
  1. Task to organise weekly team meetings
    Plan weekly team meetings with the whole team.
  1. Create a fun Slack channel
    This should be a channel for the team dedicated to socialising and discussing non-work related topics.
  1. Organise virtual happy hours
    Set up bi-weekly virtual happy hours for the team.
  1. Task to create fun weekly challenges
    Start each week with a fun team challenge to get everyone involved in an activity outside of their day-to-day work.
  1. Create custom Slack emoji’s for the team
    This one needs no further explanation!
  1. Set up 1:1 with manager
    Schedule recurring 1:1’s with your direct manager to discuss how the team is doing.
  1. Reminder for weekly social activities
    This is a gentle nudge to remind managers and teams to continue to invest in culture.
  1. Send out a check-in survey
    After the first month of working remotely, send out a survey to check in with everyone and see how the experience has been and how you can adjust moving forward.

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