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360° Feedback Survey

Human Resources

360° Feedback Survey

Use this template to run 360-degree feedback via Slack-based asynchronous surveys across multiple departments and teams and collect results in one place.
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Why to use this template?

  • Schedule just once and run asynchronously through Slack
  • Ability to answer survey questions for team members directly in Slack
  • Getting notified when someone answers the survey
  • Collecting and displaying answers directly in Slack

Template Structure

Slack/Email Preview

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Template steps

    Simple version:

    1. Slack message to a team member telling them the 360 review is starting and they can submit responses asynchronously via Slack
    2. Once the team member respond, notification to a manager will be send + with an option to display results directly in Slack

    Involving Peers and managers:

    1. Slack message to a manager with a quick 360 survey about the specific reviewed employee
    2. Slack message to peers asking to submit review for their team mate
    3. Once both manager's and peers responses are submitted, a message on Slack will be send to the reviewed employee asking to do self-evaluation via a short Slack survey
    4. Once 1-3 steps are done, the responsible manager will get a notification about the progress and with attached results from all three surveys

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