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How to use Slack effectively & build company culture

With the rise of remote culture and companies embracing location independence for their employees, it’s high time we start learning the importance of company culture and how to improve it. That’s exactly what this free guide is for!
Available in ePub and PDF formats.
With knowledge collected from top remote companies:

What’s inside?

Collected knowledge based on best practices and years of experience from companies that know the value of building a stable remote company culture.
Addresses core guidelines for respecting different cultures, religions, backgrounds, and social environments. Some of these tips may not be expected when taking on a remote job.
Slack best practices
Simple daily hacks, suggested organizational changes, and effectivity boosts. Coveted tips & tricks from industry pros.
All the weirdness of the remote world
From wacky Slack channels to the importance of having a strong emoji game, this topic covers a variety of activities that non-remote folks would just have to try for themselves to understand.

Culture advice from our friends

"We over-invest in communication so that no one ever feels like they're stuck on a remote island. We aim for everyone to stay in the loop and be on the same page with all the happenings in the company. We do this through purposeful onboarding, weekly 1:1’s and all-hands calls, and public praise of the work the team is doing."

Zack Onisko
CEO, Dribbble

"When onboarding folks remotely, it becomes extra important to include cultural tidbits as well as a framework for creating and finding community. Ultimately, you want someone not just to be effective but to feel they belong and have the tools to navigate the culture they are entering. By standardizing sharing this information early, you place everyone on a more equal footing to succeed particularly when working in an international and diverse context."

Anne McCarthy
Happiness Engineer & Team Lead, Automattic

About the author

Tomas is a Product Manager and Designer working with remote companies for a few years now. Previously Creative Manager at InVision, Tomas helped build an r&d team behind tools like Craft and Freehand.

Nowadays, he spends his work hours collaborating with various early-stage startups, most recently as Head of Product at Mason.

With the combined experience of working with and building teams in remote companies and a collection of great friends in the space, writing this guide was just a natural step. Remote culture is one Tomas believes in and hopes to improve by sharing his insights with like minded people around the world.

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