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Empower your organization to be more effective with a new way of tackling workflows. Our powerful set of features allows teams to automate away the manual work and focus on delighting customers.

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Visual workflow

Create condition-based workflows easily through a drag and drop visual interface.

Time based workflows

Control time intervals on when tasks are started, when they need to be completed, and when a workflow ends.

Condition based workflows

Connect complex tasks and flows based on prerequisites or specific conditions. Conditions can include the completion of previous tasks or inserted time time delays.

Flexible assignment

Tasks in each workflow can be either assigned to individuals, managers, teams or even groups of people in specific slack channels.

Task-based templates

Start with simple templates with pre-filled Slack messages for common tasks that can be used across the organization.

Verticalized templates

Verticalized templates are department-specific and role-based. Teams can get a headstart to building and automating their unique processes.

Slack message formatting

Apply the same formatting and style to each task and workflow displayed in Slack as you would with all other messages. Maintain cohesiveness and your Slack etiquette.


Assignment & scheduling

Once the workflows are created and built, assignment and rollout is easy. Choose to implement kickoff times, combine different flows, and designate participants in one interface.

Repetitive scheduling

Schedule once on a specific time and day, or setup a repetitive delivery each week, month or every 3rd Wednesday of a month. Options are unlimited.

Multiple assignments

A live search option allows you to assign one or multiple teammates to each flow.

Trigger by integration

Assign and trigger a workflow based on a specific action that happens in one of the connected integrations.


Automated delivery

Required actions, reminders, and updated workflows are delivered over Slack and email. Manage and centralize your teams’ collaboration through your favorite communication channel.

Slack automation

Our Slack integration is the primary delivery platform for all workflows built. Additional context, required actions, and reminders are made simple within everyone’s daily collaboration tool.

Email support

Workflows actions and reminders can also be delivered over email. Use email support when teams or team members aren’t set up on Slack yet.


Connect your favorite tools to your custom workflows through our built in integrations ecosystem. We’re constantly adding more custom integrations, and you can also build your own with Zapier.


Reporting & analytics

Command full visibility and control over processes from start to finish. Built-in live tracking and actionable analytics allows teams to work more effectively.

Live progress

Track the live progress of active workflows for both team leads and individuals to promote transparency and accountability.


Gain a top level view of team engagement and progress through an interactive dashboard. Use filters to drill down to specific teams or tasks.

Data driven tips

Actionable insights based on your own teams’ data help improve current workflows to be more effective.

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