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Twilio + AhoyTeam: Streamlining approval and notification processes across marketing solutions team

About Customer
Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service company based in San Francisco, California. Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.
San Francisco, CA
Company Size
With numerous stakeholders managing a large marketing solutions team at Twilio, manual work management through Airtable, Slack and Emails was increasingly creating friction and significant delays in the team’s processes.
"As a leader of a large team with many simultaneous projects, having visibility into and actually understanding what needs done can be a huge challenge. Ahoy changes the game for me by automatically notifying me and other project stakeholders on important actions being taken when it really matters, instead of whenever someone updates a ticket."
Clair Byrd
Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Twilio Inc.


The weekly content produced by the Twilio marketing solutions team requires the input and approval of external writers (contributors), marketing managers and key management stakeholders. Keeping everyone involved in the loop at the right time, without micromanaging or overwhelming anyone, started becoming a huge challenge.

The content creation, approval and publishing process were all initially managed manually in an Airtable workspace. Managers would constantly need to check for any changes, which team members they needed to assign tasks to next, or to remind themselves to submit their approvals.

There were two key pain points:

  1. Hours spent weekly on constant manual work assignment across various approval stages 
  2. Often forgetting to notify key stakeholders right when it mattered and causing unnecessary delays and communication silos 


Twilio turned to AhoyTeam, to set up automated workflows delivered seamlessly to Slack that could be triggered based on specific changes in their Airtable workspace. 

With simple notifications, management is now up to date when new content is approved and launched. Marketing Managers are notified of to-do tasks to review and approve content directly from Slack, exactly when it matters and is needed. Team-wide messaging to Slack in #channels is giving everyone a quick look into what’s going on, without ever having to leave Slack or nudge coworkers over DM’s.

Example of a simple notify/review workflow connecting Airtable + AhoyTeam


Thanks to the AhoyTeam workflow automation, the Twilio marketing solutions team is able to save valuable time and get content from initial drafts to approval and publishing faster, without ever needing to leave Slack.

After the initial implementation of the first few AhoyTeam workflows, more than 90 workflows were assigned across a small part of the team in a matter of days.