Ruby Backend Engineer

We're looking for a remote Ruby Backend Developer to join our team at AhoyTeam and help us build and grow our new product AhoyConnect. Come join us in building a category-defining product.

About AhoyTeam

We've built a workflow automation platform helping remote companies automate their routine daily processes through Slack and Email, AhoyTeam. HR and People Ops teams can easily set up no-code automation for employee onboarding, engagement surveys, or employee requests.

Using the automation technology we developed, we've started working on a new product called AhoyConnect. All-in-one CRM for community managers, giving them a system of record for community data and daily operating platform. We're building a tool that is entering a new fast-growing market with incredible potential. And we're excited to become one of the first tools bringing the platform tailored to the audience.

We're a small remote team (based in Europe) that cares deeply about technology, a great user experience, and remote being the future of work.

Our Stack

• Microservices architecture
• Sinatra framework
• Sidekiq for background processing
• PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

What the role will focus on

• Ruby development of new features and integrations
• Advocate best practices and well tested reliable software
• Code reviews of our other developers commits, feedback, discussing ideas and taking the time to learn yourself and teach others
• Bug fixing and support

What you will bring to the role

• 3+ years’ experience in a Ruby development
• Be able to solve problems without us holding your hands and turn ideas into elegant solutions
• Be able to consider things from a customer perspective and translate that into ideas and requirements that can continually improve our app experience
• Experience using Git version control
• Great communication (we use Github, Slack)
• Friendly, with an interest in the latest tech, and a passion for learning
• Experience with a remote full-time role

Nice but not essential

• Watched the Silicon Valley tv show at least 2x
• Experience with ReactJS, so small changes could be done without pinging the Frontend team
• Experience with GraphQL API

Why Join AhoyTeam?

• Be part of building an awesome product that people love
• We've been remote before it was cool, and will stay remote forever
• We care deeply about technology, product and commerce
• We run yearly retreats (before/after covid), our first one in 2019 we've spent more than a month in SE Asia with the whole team
• Flexible remote environment, believing in asynchronous work, and having almost no meetings :)


$4,000 - $5,500 / month


🌏 Worldwide

If you're interested, please reach out to

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