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4 Best To-Do List Slack Apps (To Get Work Done)

4 Best To-Do List Slack Apps (To Get Work Done)

Creating well thought-out to do lists is one of the best ways to improve workplace productivity. Slack has a wide range of promising applications that can assist you in managing your company’s ever increasing task list.

Creating well thought-out to do lists is one of the best ways to improve workplace productivity. Slack has a wide range of promising applications that can assist you in managing your company’s ever increasing task list.

Creating well thought-out to do lists is one of the best ways to improve workplace productivity. Slack has a wide range of promising applications that can assist you in managing your company’s ever increasing task list. However, you should approach to-do list with very carefully, because while they can most certainly improve your productivity, they can also cause you a lot of frustration. 

Fortunately, the Slack apps available these days are quite user-friendly, and offer users a straightforward way to manage their to-dos.

How a To Do List in Slack Can Help You

Quite a lot of people who are new to Slack wonder why they need to create a to-do list in it. If you happen to have the same question, there is no need to worry, as mentioned below are some reasons that prove why you need to-do lists in Slack. 

Creating a Post

If you are planning to make a traditional list, you can utilize Slack to make a post using checklist formatting. However, if your performing team tasks, Slack will help you share your post in relevant channels, making sure others can edit your list and check the progress.  This platform also allows users to make their checklists private if they are making it for themselves. 

You Can Pin Messages

Slack also allows users to pin messages, ensuring other channel members can see them as well. Consider reviewing the pinned items when necessary, unpin them once you complete. Since anyone present in the channel has the ability to remove or add pins, they are excellent for collaborating on these lists. 

Saving Your Files and Messages

Consider making a to-do list by for your own use by saving files and messages that requiring your attention. It is an excellent feature to help you follow up on the items you need to check separately. If you want to check the items you saved, click on the “saved items” option located at the left sidebar’s top portion. Slack also allows users to remove items from their saved lists after they complete their tasks.

Third Party Apps

As mentioned earlier, you will find a decent range of productivity apps on Slack’s directory. These applications are perfect for helping users with organizing to-do lists and other similar tasks. It is a significant reason why more and more people are utilizing these platforms to improve their workplace’s productivity. 

Four of the Best To-Do List Apps


AhoyTeam is a game changing application that helps companies automate their workflows. Many organizations, even the larger ones face trouble streamlining their operations for improving their overall productivity. Fortunately, eliminating these issues becomes incredibly easy with the help of AhoyTeam. All you need to do is take advantage of its user-friendly to-do lists and you will bring about a massive change in your company.

What’s more, this application empowers teams to use their time more efficiently, helping them tackle a variety of workflow related issues. With the help of automated workflows, users can remind, assign, and notify everybody about to-do’s when they matter the most. 


If you are looking for a project management app for your company’s teams, opting for Workast wouldn’t be a bad choice. This application helps managers organize work, keep track of projects, check their day-to-day priorities, and a lot more. What’s most impressive about all of this is that you can perform these functions without exiting Slack. 

Moreover, like every high profile to-do app on Slack, this one is also available on mobile and web, providing users with loads of convenience. Workast is vastly different from traditional Slack apps. First off, it replaces slow and tedious emails with a quick notification system, making your company’s workflow ten times faster. Plus, you don’t have to create a separate account when signing up in this platform. Instead, your Slack account would suffice. 

Another thing that makes Workast so great is its single click installation system. With such a wide array of helpful features on offer, there’s no wonder why more and more companies are taking advantage of Workast to create their to-do lists.


With more than twenty million people using Todoist, it is easily among the best task organizing applications out there. Whether you want to create a to-do list or make new tasks, this user-friendly application can help you with everything. Creating tasks on Todoist is quite easy, as all users need to do is type the /todoist command. You can also include the due dates in your tasks, making sure your team completes it within deadline. 

Todoist also lets users delegate tasks and with easy to follow commands, helping them streamline their company’s operations with little to no hassle. 


There is no denying that managing someone’s work can be quite difficult. It becomes twice as tough when you have to focus on tons of other tasks involving many people. Fortunately, you can take advantage of ToDo’s excellent to-do list features to make your team function like a well-oiled machine. This slack-native application can help improve your team’s productivity in more ways than one. 

Like most apps in this list, ToDo allows users to add tasks and assign them to their preferred coworkers. You can also use this app to create reminders, review projects, and personalize your control panels. With such an incredible range of features being offered, it’s no wonder why ToDo’s popularity is increasing so rapidly. 

Why You Should Consider Going beyond To-do Lists

While making to-do lists can be quite helpful, you should think about the bigger picture and think beyond them. Sure, slack is a tremendous communication app for teams, but it is far from being the best for managing tasks. It would be best if you considered specialized task applications like Asana and Jira, integrating them with the ever reliable AhoyTeam automation product. It will lead to a noticeable improvement in your company’s operations, yielding excellent results. 

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