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👋 I'm an Recruiter

I ensure our company attracts, hires and retains the best employees

Almost daily, if not weekly I need to:

Create and update job descriptions for open roles

Source and recruit candidates

Act as point of contact during the hiring process

Manage the pre-onboarding process once hired


Automate the routine today!

Create automated self-serviced workflows, so that you can spend less time on routine tasks, processes and employee requests and focus instead on what matters the most: people.

Automate the communication and docs exchange leading up to the new hire start date

✔ Avoid delays and fines
✔ Optimise new hire experience

Set up reminders for job postings and job boards

✔ Ensure platforms are up to date

Plan regular meetings with department heads and hiring managers

✔ Promote communication
✔ Avoid misalignments or delays

Schedule team check-ins and brainstorming sessions

✔ Ensure team connection
✔ Foster innovation and optimization

Let us help you create your own custom workflows.
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Manage the interview process and assign steps to the hiring managers

✔ Streamline process
✔ Save time spent on coordination and follow ups

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