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👋 I'm an HR Manager

I am the go-to person for all employee-related matters

Almost daily, if not weekly I need to:

Supervise the recruitment, hiring and training processes

Manage and communicate employee benefit programs and pay plans

Ensure legal compliance

Respond to all employee queries and complaints

Manage my direct reports and coordinate with other department heads


Automate the routine today!

Create automated self-serviced workflows, so that you can spend less time on routine tasks, processes and employee requests and focus instead on what matters the most: people.

Automate the entire new hire onboarding process 

✔ Save days of valuable time
✔ Eliminate human errors
✔ Ensure consistency/quality

Manage employee terminations in Slack

✔ Ensure legal compliance
✔ Unify the experience

Get your team requests with Slack forms

✔ Eliminate requests over DMs
✔ Unified way to approve/reject

Set up your reminders for direct reporting

✔ Reporting on time directly in Slack

Automate internal trainings within Slack

✔ Unified experience on scale
✔ Higher completion rate when run on Slack

Set up weekly/monthly engagement surveys

✔ Custom surveys directly in Slack
✔ Ditch 3rd party survey apps

Let us help you create your own custom workflows.
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Run automated tasks in Slack for new hires signing paperwork

✔ Extend HRIS tools in Slack
✔ Eliminate delays

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