AhoyTeam workflow automation product is no longer available, but there is a new exciting chapter!

We’re building AhoyConnect, a community-focused data intelligence platform.

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Connect your Engineering stack with Slack integrated workflows

Automate routine engineering team processes to remove blockers and increase efficiency

Allow Engineering managers to spend less time on reminding, assigning and controlling daily/weekly work with AhoyTeam to Slack workflows, saving valuable time better spent on more business critical work.

Run sprint retrospectives seamlessly in Slack

With AhoyTeam you'll get a uniform process to run your sprint retrospectives directly in Slack, ensuring consistency as well as key insights that allow you to continuously improve your processes.

Set up critical notifications and assign to-do's from Jira & GitHub

Ensure your team members aren't experiencing blockers in their work and all escalated work is handled right when it matters.

Schedule team reminders for daily & weekly work updates

You won't have to think about sending reminders again for team stand-ups and daily updates. Set up quick individual notifications to save yourself time and stress each day.

Simplify the process of your team's requests

Allow your team to request information, access to tools or PTO with simple self-served Slack request forms.

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