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We’ve raised our €500k pre-seed round, what’s next?

We’ve raised our €500k pre-seed round, what’s next?

We started our journey about a year ago when we strongly believed we had identified an uncharted territory of unique problems in a (at that time) niche work environment: the remote world. 

Me, Tomas, and Michal a small team that used to work in distributed companies over the last few years - were convinced that remote will become the future and the way in which teams are managed will drastically change towards this new standard.

“Leading a remote team effectively doesn’t mean having tons of meetings and being available 24/7 on Slack. Asynchronous work and the automation of routine processes that gives you as much time as possible back to focus on the work that really matters.” That’s what we’re here for.

From onboarding new hires and handling employee requests, to departments connecting their tools to Slack for notifications and reminders to complete tasks without delays...all of these are routine processes that could be automated and thereby save your managers more than 20% of their weekly time.

We trusted our guts and initial research and proceeded to build the initial prototype. 

After a POC early this year, and an endless month of fundraising (this really isn’t the easiest of times to fundraise for a first-time founder):

We’re excited to announce that AhoyTeam has raised €500,000 in a pre-seed round led by Lighthouse Ventures.

We’ve found a partner that believes in our vision and understands how important the timing and execution are at this time, considering that remote is becoming a new standard across all industries, locations, and sizes of companies.

And what now?

This is where the real challenge begins. We understand that this is a very difficult time to run a business, and many companies were forced to switch to remote from one day to another. That’s exactly where we would like to help and get our customers up and running in their new remote setup.

Today we’re opening our platform for everyone. A free Trial with pre-made workflow templates to implement in just few minutes.

With our amazing team that’s turning the vision into reality, an investor that took a chance on us at this stage, and our early adopters that are helping shape what AhoyTeam is now, I’m confident that together we’ll be able to help organizations transition to remote more smoothly and effectively and most importantly: unlock the power of a fully distributed workforce. 

Tomas Jasovsky
Founder & CEO

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