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Making remote
employee onboarding
feel personal

We help distributed companies grow more effectively by decreasing onboarding time and resources while increasing efficiency and the amount of knowledge provided.

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Fully Automated

Easily set up and combine onboarding fully automated flows that don't require a manager or any "buddies" to spend time on it.

Tailored for each role

Get the most of your onboarding experience by tailoring to a specific department and role.

Remote focused

Built on top of the struggle and lack of processes in distributed companies.

Industry best practices

Our template flows are based on best practices and knowledge from leading remote companies.


Edit any flow and customize it to your needs by adding custom steps and integrations your team uses.

Fits any team size

Onboarding that fits both small early stage startups and 100+ employee remote teams.

Built for the
remote generation

Making things easier by solving problems with distributed team operations in mind.

Slack & MS Teams

Both communication platforms are fully supported to deliver a seamless onboarding for your new hires.

Company culture Hub

When any questions around company values, culture, or structure present themselves, simply refer them to a one-stop-shop that acts as a guide for any new hire or long-term employee.

Effective progress tracking

Keep track of your onboarding process with a timeline of events and tasks completed by the newbies.

All your favorite integrations

Providing a seamless connection to tools you already have in your workflow makes the onboarding process even more seamless.