Manage your team's daily tasks and operations seamlessly in Slack

Create automated workflows to assign, notify and remind to-do's exactly when it matters

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"As a leader of a large team with many simultaneous projects, having visibility into and actually understanding what needs done can be a huge challenge. Ahoy changes the game for me by automatically notifying me and other project stakeholders on important actions being taken when it really matters, instead of whenever someone updates a ticket."
Clair Byrd
Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Twilio Inc.

Free up valuable time better spent on your customers

Repetitive workflows

From new starter onboarding to weekly standup routines, newsletter preparations or even employee engagement surveys.

Notification across
tools & events

Setting up simple notifications and to-do tasks to different stakeholder whenever something happens in apps like Airtable, Jira, Trello, Github,…

Coming Soon

Employee requests

Automate workflows for employees to send requests, and ask any relevant question directly through Slack.

How will AhoyTeam improve your day-to-day?



More than 20% of a manager’s time every week is spent on repetitive manual processes

With avg. salary range $80-$140k on PM/EM, 20% of their weekly time on these manual processes costs you between $330-$580


Even automating 5% of it with Ahoyteam will save $330 monthly for each manager

Manual processes mean zero visibility across teams for the key stakeholders


Full visibility on how employees are adhering to processes without constant handholding

Different teams = different ways of managing daily operations

Using different tools and processes makes it hard to have a holistic view of how effective teams are.


Run an efficient asynchronous distributed team with integration to all your workspace apps.

Built to empower every team's manager

By providing a set of templates for different persona's and workflows in your organization, we’re trying to help you get setup even faster.


✔ Team reminders
✔ Asana triggered workflows
✔ New feature release process

✔ And more


✔ Sprint retrospective
✔ Jira triggered notifications
✔ Github triggered workflows

✔ And more


✔ Employee onboarding
✔ Employee Offboarding
✔ Engagement surveys

✔ And more


✔ Design Systems training
✔ And more


✔ New deals notifications
✔ Salesforce reminders
✔ Leads workflows

✔ And more


✔ Newsletter planning workflow
✔ Airtable triggered notifications
✔ HubSpot campaigns reminders

✔ And more


Plug and play with the following integrations to your other productivity tools.

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